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This blog is my personal take on the study of dreams, magick, obsidian eyed interlopers and the postdiluvian world.
To live in the ruins of futile renaissances.


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Coming to class consciousness for me was like learning how to lucid dream in a nightmare. This situation isn’t ideal but I have control now.

Ha! That’s exactly how it feels too. Dialectics = magick.

He had already come to the conclusion that Freud was wrong to think that dreams try to hide something from us, that their “manifest” content camouflaged “latent” material. Dreams, Jung saw, were natural products of the psyche, and were not, as Freud believed, something the unconscious cooked up in order to disguise our primitive urges from our “super ego.” Dreams did not conceal truths, Jung recognized. Rather they revealed knowledge unknown to the conscious ego, in a symbolic language that was not the sexual semiotics Freud insisted upon.

Gary Valentine Lachman, Jung the Mystic: The Esoteric Dimensions of Carl Jung’s Life & Teachings (via hierarchical-aestheticism)

Anything but self-imposed meaning is tyranny.

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There’s a lot of talk, as in Vatimo’s essay, about how with the decolonization process there is a decline of eurocentrism. But I’ve noticed that in the texts of Critical Theory and other postmodern philosophers, as time has gone by, these texts have become more and more eurocentric paradoxically, even though it is said to be on the wane here. Because you won’t find in postmodern thinking any discussion of Egyptian, Indian or Chinese metaphysics. All that gets tossed out and thrown into the New Age dustbin and anyone who talks about these understandings of being is dismissed as a New Age philosopher, which is absolutely ludicrous and is actually incredibly intolerant and amazingly eurocentric.

— John David Ebert

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The choir of Choronzon.

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Wong Kar-Wai, Hou Hsiao-hsien and Tsai Ming-liang.

These 3 directors change a person. I’m not the same anymore after watching their pieces. They determined my life, my outlook on the human condition. And everytime I revisit their work, there’s something new I discover about myself and the other.
Is it just me or are their movies profound mystical insights into the nature of reality? A quick reading brings nihilism and ennui as being the background noise of a story of inevitable loss and transience.

This focuss on the temporality of everything, of moments, people and even our so-called strongest desires, isn’t it calling us towards an eternal point of reference? Like the northern star which stands fixed on the firmament with the other stars revolving around it as an axis mundi? To a reality where these fleeting chance meetings become like a play in a psychedelic trip?
In Tsai’s “What time is it there?” a Jungian synchronicity is suggested between the main characters. Even the dead roam the Earth as much as the living. Monks often return as immovable foci in the hussle and bussle of modern metropolises, as reminders of something else.
In Hou’s films the lack of dialogue signifies untold emotionality. Everyone seems to be looking for something in someone, or someplace and doesn’t feel like words suffice so they keep to themselves with attentive gazes in case ‘it’ might appear.
And Wong’s “2046” crescendo closes with an almost Nietzschean affirmation of a life confronted with the void of everything that came before and of everything that’s about to come.

I could go on, but the power of this type of cinematography just forced me to take these notes.

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Cool dream where I was in Giza, Egypt. The land wasn’t a desert anymore, but forested and alluvial. The pyramids themselves were overgrown with small bushes and weeds. This must have been in the far far future or maybe long ago before the so-called reconstruction by Egyptians. One of the pyramids had collapsed from inside and miraculously had 3 sides still standing.
I was talking to someone and said that this seemed like the end, but it was in fact the beginning. At that moment in the dream I had a profound realization of the identification made between endings and beginnings, sex and death. It might be easy to grasp exoterically, but I felt its profoundness.
I stood at the foot of one of the pyramids, still relatively intact. At a shrine I did a backflip and charged an old sigil. I felt right away: “yes! this worked!”
That’s where the dream ended.
This was definitely a very relevant dream to my own workings but also greater revelations of metaphysical nature and about the origins or destiny of mankind.

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My future is clearer than ever before. It’s a huge self-imposed question mark.

Better to ask the question than to have the question asked.

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courier5 heeft gezegd: you mean Rindfleisch up your german

Yes! Wienerschnitzel it to sweet perfection.

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Next 12 month goal: beef up my German.

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Tonight’s gig @ Cinépalace: 1000schoen, Onrust and Joke Lanz

First an old idol, the others more than pleasant surprises.

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Dream about nuclear explosions up north. 

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There’s only the devil’s shape.
Tempting. For only desire makes everything real.

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No destination, no life.

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Don’t get caught up in something that isn’t you.

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