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If schizophrenia is the universal [a universal method to transcend limits of cognition], the great artist is indeed the one who scales the schizophrenic wall and reaches the land of the unknown

— Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari (via hijodelagua)

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Dream about exploring a black labyrinth and one of the actresses from the movie “The Fifth Element”, I think it was Eve Salvail, being there.
Also seeing the black metal band “Shining” play at Eurovision, representing Sweden.

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Based on the event.

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Dream where I was in Russia in this medieval looking village with wooden houses, There was this old shrine inside one of the shacks that was devoted to this Mary-like saint called Nova Mana. A relic, a golden headscarf, was behind glass and devotees could touch it at certain times during the year to receive its powers.

After that I heard Randall Carlson rant in the background of the dream as I was seeing a secret military base, astrally exploring it.
He said something about how our language has a lot of sayings that refer to sacred geometry and how language is the key to that discipline.
He also talked about 9/11 and how he believed the planes were holograms and the real ones with the passengers in them are stored at a secret base, which was the one I saw in the dream ( not that I personally believe this, before anyone starts ranting about that, but I take it as an peculiar factoid to pop up in my dream nonetheless ).

Then I saw an invasion of Ukraine planned at this base. Saw a lot of BTR’s, other tanks and also a lot of troops with gasmasks on. I’m not too sure if this base was in America or someplace else, because the tanks and troops were moving out to Kiev. I also heard something about hunderds of Polish prisoners at this base.

After that I saw Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub book on my table and apparantly had read half through it. At that moment someone in the dream got scratched by an invisible entity he took for a Grey and started freaking out.

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While Joran was doing some graffiti, I joined in on the stickers and pasted some of my sigils around town. These are just a couple. I think I have a total of 30 or 40 up.
The more you put a single sigil around in multiple areas, the better will it manifest results as it has more points of probability.

We also stumbled upon this hobo’s shelter. He wasn’t home, so we had the time and the room under this bridge to perform some rituals.

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Arvo Pärt

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World War Z is such a shameless propaganda film.
At the point where Palestinians and Israeli’s celebrate being saved from the zombie apocalypse outside, they create too much noise, attracting the attention of the undead and causing a tower of zombies to build up which allows them to jump over the wall, thus destroying Israel.
In other words: if the two peoples peacefully coexist, they’ll invite in catastrophe.

Low blow, Hollywood.

Also this movie is so fast paced it feels like an epileptic seizure.

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All bolshevism contains something of the dismal bitterness of the Maccabees, as well as of the much later insurrection that led to the destruction of Jerusalem. Its rigid dogmatism alone could never have supplied the impetus that sustains the movement even to the present day. The subliminal anti-Western instincts of Russia, at first directed against Petrinism, have lent strength to bolshevism. But since bolshevism is itself an outgrowth of Petrinism it will in time be destroyed in order to complete Russia’s liberation from “Europe.”

Yet the future of the unconscious forces of Russia lies not in the solution of political and social quandaries but in the imminent birth of a new religion, the third to emerge from the matrix of Christianity, just as Germanic-Western culture unconsciously conceived the second form of Christianity around 100 A.D. Dostoyevsky is one of the prophets of this new faith; it is as yet nameless, but it has already begun to enter with quiet, infinitely tender power.

Oswald Spengler, “The Decline of the West

This was written in the beginning of the 20th century.
Spengler predicts the end of bolshevism almost a century before it took place.
Prophetic to say the least.

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This is really the funniest game review ever.
I actually liked the game back then, but his frustration is hilarious.

"Who the fuck designed this bomb? The Joker?"

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Dream where I exchanged fire with a government agency near the Scheldt river. They also turned out to be the Inquisition for some reason. I was firing pretty heavy canons from a vehicle at their black SUV’s and had a few hits, but missed most. Then I exited the vehicle and walked alongside the river banks seeing that corpse of a deer again ( which I saw near the dam over here ), but now someplace else among the tall grass. I also spotted a decapitated cat there as well. In the dream I didn’t feel this to be a negative omen, as I said to myself “they don’t have the smell of death.”
Then I ran up to a building with a sniper rifle. I managed to take down some of the agents, but they were closing in. The building urned out to be a high school. The kids there didn’t seem phased at all.
The dream made an odd turn where a girl appeared to me in the school giving me a key. It looked like the key I have of my garden shed, but she said it was one of the keys necessary to open an ancient vault.
For a moment the dream turned lucid as I held the key. Putting it in my pocket, I was again passively experiencing it.
The last bit is me walking through the hallways and seeing this rag with a text and question marks around it: “God wills it”
That’s when I woke up.

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So I went to this exposition in Ename and saw a vase of Napoleon with next to it a golden bee. Just another item one might think. But apparantly the bee was one of the hunderds used as decoration on his cloak during his crowning as emperor of France.

Immediately I was reminded by the Merovingians and their use of bees as one of their main symbols. 

Doing some research, in the 17th century Childerik’s grave was found in Doornik with 300 bees in them. Obviously Napoleon tried to legitimize his rule by suggesting a continuity with the patriarchs of France through these symbols. But the symbolism of the bees with a dynasty as esoterically significant as the Merovingians is really key in understanding what exactly makes this subject so poignant.

Etymologically, Merovingian, from “Mere” or “Mer”, suggests either the sea or ocean ( as in the Modern English word: “mermaid” ). One of the legends is that the Merovingians were sired by a beast from the deep, the Quinotaur. They thus being the hybrid offspring from a chthonic monster raping a human. David Icke’s worst nightmare. Now this ties in with everything that’s sought after in the darker strands of the occult, namely, procreating with the Outer Ones ( if they themselves don’t do it to you ).

In regards to the bees Kenneth Grant says the following:

"The bees, which are a recurring symbol of the Merovingians are, in the Typhonian Tradition, represented frequently as the humming or buzzing sound that occurs before the appearance of the Great Old Ones or “beings” proper to this tradition."

The Hum is one thing that’s been plaguing the world since 2011. And it happened here last week.

Outer Ones doing their thing?

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Marjorie Cameron

Marjorie Cameron

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Heaven is like a club with a dress code.
Who even wants to go there but self-important douchebags?

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The gods of our ancestors are our devils.

— H.P. Blavatsky

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