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Mithras against Typhon

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Lumi Tanizaki of Tokyo Ritual.

These guys are doing amazing stuff. Full support.

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Friend had a dream of us making cut-ups out of trash and becoming lucid in it.  He had this dream before even reading about the idea I had that night.

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So I made some cut-ups ( the old Burroughs-Gysin technique ) with trash I found at the ruins of the abbey. Using trash as cut-ups sounds so self-evident, but I never tried it before. Gonna continue with this.
I got the following ( from Dutch to English ):

"The sky, actually looked to escape and not. ‘t was a whole going for example and the sky."

"Hole finally pumped itself in small rivers. You. Even scarier Londoners."

"People became one solution. Poor neighbourhoods did get trusted."

"Long employment and plans. Suddenly life. Rich people buying. It was a city."

"The city written in factories."

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The democratic assembly is a military-political assembly and not vice versa. The exercise of power by the state is a permanent conspiracy, which marks the stages of the military revolution, the passage from the fragmentary and unsophisticated production of the war enterprise to its technological, industrial and scientific development. The historical effort of the west is thus the distribution and management of independent, increasingly numerous human groups by the state war machine.

— Paul Virilio

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Kristus Kut and Post Mortem tonight.

Impressive performances. The former seemed to be an actual spell instead of a performance.

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I love how Spengler can just obliterate the opposition with such illustrious vigour that one can not even take offense, but be honoured to have suffered a defeat at his hands.

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Today all “philosophy” is nothing but an inward abdication and resignation, or a craven hope of escaping realities by means of mysticisms.

—  Oswald Spengler

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Found the 3 of clubs after leaving Club 333 stickers around the demolished area of the abbey of Gontia.

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War spares not the brave, but the cowardly.

— Anacreon

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I’m hopeful the kids born in the 2000’s will be different than the other millenials, who were raised to be the sans ideology bureaucrats and brokers of the post-communist world.

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A friend of mine, after reading about my dream, just pointed my attention to a paragraph in Thomas Karlsson’s book on the Qliphoth I must have skipped.

It involves one of Karlsson’s students working with the goetic demon Buer. While visualizing the demon’s sigil, the student saw tiny balls of light rotating around his head with tiny dancing dwarfs in it, all having large heads and singing a song with high-pitched voices.
He calls them Buer’s “spiritiis familiaris”.

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Dream about gnomes blowing bubbles around themselves to float away.

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Even now the world-cities of Western Civilization are far from having reached the peak of their development. I see, long after A.D. 2000, cities laid out for ten to twenty million inhabitants, spread over enormous areas of countryside, with buildings that will dwarf the biggest of today’s and notions of traffic and communications that we should regard as fantastic to the point of madness.

— Oswald Spengler, ‘The Decline of the West’, 1918

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Choronzonic Crescent

I went to take some footage today for some colleagues at Club 333’s doing multimedia magickal experiments.

Some peculiarities happened as I went out, which I interpret as beneficial signs.
In one of the vids, when I’m filming on a cross section, you can hear this mechanic telegraph-like sound. It stops as I take my camera back to the crossing, but starts again when I film the other side. No clue what that was, might have a physical explanation, but as always there’s a metaphysical one too.

After I took the vids at the train station/tracks I went to the Abbey of Gontia to take some more clips there. Driving there I noticed a light flashing by really quick in the corner of my eye. Not sure what it was. I like to think it was Outer Ones.

Arriving at the abbey, the dash on my car said “555 km” exactly as I parked. Interesting when you’re on a mission for the Club the 3 digits return.

At the abbey the moon was right above it, which I haven’t seen before, an another good sign because Gontia is a moon goddess.

So I’ll consider these clips as ‘consecrated’. We’ll see what happens with them.

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