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To live in the ruins of futile renaissances.


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Dream I engaged in cannibalism and was eating the marrow from a spine. 

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Road to Calvary of Jesus Christ Allin

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Michael Bertiaux

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Vice: Watch us huff jenkem and discuss porn with members of ISIS at an underground vaporwave party

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Social networking sites like Facebook encourage people to view themselves as perpetual cultural entrepreneurs, striving to offer a newer and better version of themselves to the world. Sites like LinkedIn prod their users to present themselves as a fungible basket of skills, adjustable to the needs of any employer, without any essential characteristics beyond a requisite subservience. Classical liberalism always assumes the coherent individual self as its basic unit. Neoliberalism, by contrast, sees people as little more than variable bundles of human capital, with no permanent interests or even attributes that cannot be remade through the market.

Bulletproof Neoliberalism

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Getting pretty tired of all this econocentric rhetoric everywhere.

All our societies today are predicated upon the idea that the upper middle class is what most families, in the end, should all look like or aspire to. Whether someone’s on the left or right wing of the spectrum, this is the goal. Differences occur on the how and the who should be granted.
Though all our political discourse is centred around this and all efforts are made to make this happen.
Yet all I see, in fact, are mostly a bunch of miserable families toiling in the mud of ennui. If we want to get empirical about it, the ideal really sucks and is nowhere near something you want to ultimately be.
If that’s the aim we’ve set, it’s not even worth the effort for me.

We really need to get out of this singular and myopic talk about the allocation of goods and services and go broader. It’s not just a matter of purchasing power.
And no, it’s not tyranny when we start discussing such issues next to the aforementioned. I don’t see how having an actual open and collective debate about this is any different than parties arguing over how money gets in your wallet and what to do with it.

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The Black Sun - Odilon Redon


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When you suspend disbelief you are prepared to believe anything and this opens up the scope for seeing more possibilities. Creativity is certainly about not being constrained by rules or accepting the restrictions that society places on us. Of course the more people break the rules, the more likely they are to be perceived as ‘mentally ill’.

— Gary Fitzgibbon

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Liked Valhalla Rising a lot. It’s an obvious wink at Anger’s Scorpio Rising and Lucifer Rising.
This film too let’s another pagan notion from the past resurge again, perhaps in a more truer form.
What I take from this movie is how superfluous the Christian mythos becomes when confronted with the other, the alien, with pure and raw nature.

Set in 1000 AD, the world stands at the brink of a spiritual overturn. Christianity is on the rise and the heathen has retreated to the corners of the Earth. Mikkelsen, an anonymous one-eyed warrior ( a clear reference to Odin, the All-Father, host of Valhalla ), is one of them and acts in this film more like a force of nature than a man. Perhaps it’s giving us a better look at what we should imagine when we think of a deity.
Joining a warband of devout Christians, as if moved by a force greater than himself, they sail towards the Holy Land. A thick mist and tranquil ocean leads them astray to the New World. Panick engulfs them, believing they have reached Hell instead of an actual place. 
Others, inspired by a ‘divine hubris’, wish to conquer this land and already envision a world much like the one they left, of cities centred around the cross.
No words are spoken by the protagonist. Is this perhaps to disparage the dialogues his Christian companions constantly engage in and their lord, the ‘Logos’, as nothing but chattering noise? Reason as whimpering, as a weak tool to ineffectually banish the fears that plague us.

They’re all hunted down by natives and the dreams of establishing a New Jerusalem ( a dream future colonists would hold as well ), are quickly shattered. This primitive place rejects these ‘men of God’ like a foreign body. The cross they erected stands like a weak twig.
Perhaps there never was any room for this idea, not even today, and it was just a matter of how long one can hack it with such a position, much like these lost crusaders.

I got a very Schopenhauerian message from this. To truly be in this world, one endless eruption of Will, one needs to become That in oneself, to become a vehicle of the forces that brew inside you like magma. To hope for anything else is leading oneself astray, inevitably confronting yourself, sooner or later, with the defeaning silence and merciless honesty of the cosmos.
Norsemen did not seek salvation or comfort, but hoped by brutishly throwing themselves in battle to be taken to the hall of the Gods. Sort of like an apotheosis that awaited them when a fearless attitude is adopted.
Battle can imply many things. Survival is a wrestling against forces greater than oneself as well.

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Each magician must determine for himself his own grimoire, but this is only possible after such a person has advanced very far in the magical disciplines. He must be able to translate himself literally into a Grimoire… All other magical work fails unless we are to use this principle.

— Michael Bertiaux

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Offering of candy and other treats to Ganesha. 

I asked him something, and got rather amazing results. So gotta thank him properly as was the deal.

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You can’t wake up, but you can get lucid.

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In essence, the domain of eroticism is the domain of violence, of violation… What does physical eroticism signify if not a violation of the very being of its practitioners? - a violation bordering on death, bordering on murder?… The whole business of eroticism is to strike to the inmost core of the living being, so that the heart stands still… The whole business of eroticism is to destroy the self contained character of the participators as they are in their normal lives.

— Georges  Bataille

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Went out for a walk in the neighbourhood tonight. I passed by the spot where my grandparents used to live when suddenly a rabbit was hopping back to my place in front of me. The moon was very bright and it made me think about Kenneth Anger’s “Rabbit’s Moon" the entire way back, so as I returned home I watched that short film again

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Abdul Alhazred Writing the Necronomicon

from Brown University’s Lovecraft Collection (John Hay Library)

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