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This blog is my personal take on the study of dreams, magick, obsidian eyed interlopers and the postdiluvian world.
To live in the ruins of futile renaissances.


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This set is insane.

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Dream about nuclear explosions up north. 

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There’s only the devil’s shape.
Tempting. For only desire makes everything real.

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No destination, no life.

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Don’t get caught up in something that isn’t you.

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But this “I will”, “I will!” — which fills the Faustian soul to the brim, makes up the ultimate meaning of its existence and prevails in every expression of Faustian culture in thought and deed, in creative act and demeanor — awakens consciousness of the total isolation of the Self in infinite space.

Will and loneliness are at bottom the same.

— Osweld Spengler

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Some cut-ups of today. I like these a lot as they’re made by the hand of chance and seem to give some strong clues as to what I and others here are dealing with in the occult:

- Castle. It smells like moisture and piss. English keys.
- Italian electricity. Somewhere hidden in a mine we slept.
- Here you are. This is the reason: look further, exiled count.
- My back: the hidden attic. Black holes and YouTube.
- On a treasure hunt underneath the centre of Ghent. No statue in the garden. Empty building. The most beautiful treasures you notice atop the tower.

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In tonight’s dream I had a daughter and we were watching the nightskies when all of the sudden I saw a huge UFO coming from the east. I could feel something approaching before I noticed. The UFO had lights all across the edges of the saucer and made a humming noise. I grabbed my camera and recorded the whole thing. It flew right by my house, very closely, and I just knew that I had some of the best footage ever now.
But not much later government agents were amassing in the neighbourhood trying to get my camera. I entrenched myself in the house, preparing for the worst, when suddenly a gang popped up out of nowhere in the streets shooting the agents. All the agents were all killed, with some survivors amongst the gang members.
I got away and that’s when I woke up.

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  1. vtorisarobot said: I’ve been dreaming about an airport on an island a lot lately trying to board planes without getting caught…

Oh wow, that’s odd and interesting! In the dream I tried to call for security and show them these suspicious guys.
Let’s hope it’s not prescience.

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Strange hypnagogic hallucination where a humanoid looking figure sat on the left of my bed, legs crossed, face covered with a cap and wearing blue-white striped tunic. Saw it for a full 5 seconds materialized next to me.

Before that a dream which involved a fridge leaking water and a dark greenish goo. And something about two white dudes trying to board a plane.

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Some nights I’ll never forget. I’ve had some profound mystical realizations and they stay with you like an eternal present. I’m still there.

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Preslav Literary School - Francis Servain Mirkovic

This song is too good to be true.

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So before going to bed, I was inspired to do to this automatic writing of sorts where one of the Yezidi’s in his black tower ( as Kenneth Grant claims there to be from Syria all the way to Manchuria ) is transmitting me some of the most arcane gnosis they have before it gets lost and destroyed in this recent outbreak of genocidal violence.

I had this dream of being in Ukraine again. In the war torn eastern part of the country, I got through a couple of road blocks and patrolling units and met up in a forest with this gang which claimed to be members of the Tempel ov Blood.
They led me to this tree which had its trunk zipped up with strings. Opening it, we slided down the hollowed out tree into an underground Egyptian temple. To have that in Ukraine was already amazing, but even more so was that the place itself was intact. There were beautiful pools, artwork all still having the paint shining as if only applied to the walls a week before.
Entering the temple I did see something un-Egyptian. It was an amber skeleton on the wall.

Second part of the dream was another anachronistic discovery of a Mayan temple in the Middle East. In this case it was guarded by some Kurds I think, but I’m not sure. I reached it through a labyrinth-like set of tunnels and had to collect a bunch of items there.
The walls were emanating light in some random places. I didn’t see the inner sanctum as I woke up.

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Dream about being on the international space station.
I was watching a security camera and saw a Grey in the docking area. His skin looked like liquorice.
An alarm was going off as he entered and moving myself through the small rooms, I was attacked by a squid-like dog. I had a gun with me and shot it. Killing it made it shrivel. Another and bigger one came at me and having the entire base filled with these, I decided to rip a hole in the base and have them sucked out of it in the vacuum of space ( definitely reminiscent of the last scene of “Alien: Resurrection” ). It worked and we got rid of all of these. I held onto a lever and so did another fellow astronaut of mine, who looked exactly like Gert Verhulst, main actor in a famous kids show me. The hole closed again with a secondary casing.
But the Grey was still in the base it seems . That’s when I woke up.

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